ola s1 pro gen2 new futures & price 2024

Today in this article we will know what new future updates have been made in this bike of Ola s1 pro gen2, how much mileage it gives, and what its price is. Such features are going to be available on this bike.

New future in Ola S1 Pro gen2

Ola s1 pro scooter has more exciting future updates than before, thus the futures have been updated.

1.Update Battery Range:-new Ola s1 pro Gen 2. This bike has a 195 km certified range and a 4 kWh battery. Along with this, an 8-year/80000km warranty is available from the company.

2. Fast charging: A fast charging facility is available in this bike, 0%-100% charging is done in 6.5 hours.

3. Wireless connectivity:- You can easily connect Ola s1 pro Gen2 to your smartphone, which it easy for you to lock navigation, music, and call handles.

4. New Riding models:- Various types of reading models have been added to this bike, such as Eco, Normal, and Sports models, in which the driving experience becomes even better.

5. Safety and secretary:- In Safety and Security, you get tamper detection, which you see in your tax, if anyone touches it, then there is a problem, and the same thing will be found in your place. And also some new features have been added in safety and security.

6.Type of colors :- This bike is available in five attractive colors, in which you can choose ola s1 pro Gen 2 as per your choice. |

7. Smart key:_  You can unlock this bike with your phone, or this bike has been given the option to lock it, and you can lock it in numbering or letters.

8. Touchscreen display:- A 7.0-inch touchscreen display is available. In which various functions of the scooter can be operated easily.

# With these new features, Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 is not only an electric scooter but it also offers a smart and futuristic riding experience.




Pricing Ola S1 Pro gen 2

Ola s1 pro gen 2 prices may vary across states and subsidy schemes. The price of Ola s1 Pro gen 2 can be in this range ।

  • Basic price :- Between 145000 to 155000.
  • State Subsidy:- Some states in India promote electric vehicles, and there are some states where subsidy facilities is available, in which the price can be reduced.
  • Extra charges for electric vehicles:- Some states have additional costs (like state taxes, registration fees, and insurance)

Please note that these prices are tentative and may change over time, to know the exact price you can contact Ola website or the nearest ola showroom.

To get information about special subsidies and offers in your state, it would be advisable to contact your local Ola dealer, this will help you get more accurate information.

Charging & battery life &  running  Ola S1 Pro gen 2

ola S1 Pro gen2 is equipped with a Lithium Ion battery, which gives a mileage of 195 kilometers when fully charged. It takes 6.5 hours for it to be fully charged. Ola s1pro gen 2 can cover a distance of 75 km in 18 minutes. Ola s1 pro gen 2 gives a mileage of 180 kilometers in eco mode, and 143km in normal mode.

Top-up Warranty 8 year/80000km ola F1 Pro S1 air, S1 x + (3kwh)s1x,(3kwh,4kwh,) Top-up warranty is eligible for purchase within 12 months from the date of delivery of the scooter.

Infotainment and connectivity .ola s1 pro gen 2

The Ola s1 pro gen 2 electric scooter features a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with key controls that can be accessed via a touch switch gear, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, navigation assistance, and other features.

Music Playback: An extra speaker is provided to play music.

Riders Profile:- Many people can ride this scooter easily.

Long drives: Wherever you go, a single charge fills your long drive.


ola s1 pro gen2 update battrey range

Ola s1 Pro gen 2 comes with a 4kwh battery, and some say that it gets 20 to 25% after charging for 10 minutes. Which gives a mileage of about 32 to 35 kilometers, the scooter has the facility of fast charging. Which can be charged 38 to 40% in 10 minutes.

Ola s1 pro gen 2 accessories

Ola S1 Air, Gen 2, and S1 Pro Combo Accessories Kit 3: Folding Footrest + Buddy Step + Seat Cover + Charger Socket + Charger Holder + Foot Mat + Luggage Hook All these accessories are given online or you can get them by visiting the nearest showroom. |…


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