Supplemental natrition Assistance program or  SNAP is the program people are taking about win the talk about food stamps

SNAP Provides electronic vouchers for the purchase of grocery store Food.

SNAP benefits are income based and provide assistance to an estimated one in five households with a child between the ages of zero and four

State can save their own rule about how poor families need to be to qualify for benefits

Has a national median benefits of $12.86 per Day  386 per month

Families who makes<50% off d federal provide level receive around$17.40per day

66%of SNAP benefits go to families with children so a lot of kids may suffer directly from the proposed rule changes

For some children losing SNAP  benefits  includes losing access to free lunches

Food insecurity in children and Adolescents is associated with things like poor health status and poor school performances

One of the most famous programs, but it is not the only one.